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The policy of quality and EMS in the company TRAFOP- CZ, Ltd.

The company TRAFOP-CZ, Ltd, which main activity is represented by providing complex services in the field of installations, repairs, revisions and measurements of particular electrical machines, has set up the following quality principles and environmental policy:

It is the intention of our company to supply services that will, on the long-term basis, satisfy requirements and needs of our clients, which they set in advance. We shall aim at all our conducted works answering to the quality of the pre-set intent and satisfying all requirements for quality of our clients. We are aware of the fact that a long term high-quality conditions (based on optimal productivity and cost-effectiveness of our work, flexible reactions to requirements of our clients and decreasing of our own expenditures) and protection of the environment can be reached only by such a policy of quality and environment that considers all activities of our company and of our employees. Each individual must contribute in their own way to reaching our company goals stated in the policy of quality and environment. All employees must regard themselves as both the order party and the supplier and each one must work so that their order parties become satisfied clients. Fulfilling needs and exceeding expectations of our clients have been a part of our daily work and it represents the quality policy of our company. We shall aim at reaching high cost-effectiveness of realized orders together with minimalizing of our own expenditures not only for the interest of our clients, but also for the interest of our employees, to whom we want to provide a long-term promising employment. All the above mentioned binds us to enforcing high quality processes and services, and also to ensuring care for the environment and safe and health measurements during all working activities.


The company TRAFOP-CZ, Ltd. promises to:
  • Contribute to the improvement of environment by introducing and further developing the system of environmental management (EM) according to the norm ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005.
  • Follow requirements of the valid legislation in the environmental field and other obligations to which following the company voluntarily bounds itself, or that are applicable to it, including the requirements of clients.
  • Affect its sub-suppliers so that they behave considerately to the environment as well.
  • Decrease the environmental impact for the client in connection with the use of our own products and services.
  • Emphasise constant improvement and prevention of negative environmental effects, mainly the prevention of environmental pollution.
The policy of quality and environment has been issued as a separate document in the organisation and the following individuals have been made familiar with it:
  • all company employees
  • all company sub-suppliers

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