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TRAFOP-CZ s.r.o.
Neratovická 1043
Kostelec nad Labem

(+420) 602 141 834


Installation of new transformers

As a part of its main business activity, the company TRAFOP-CZ, Ltd. offers its clients also the installation of new transformers of all types and loads.


As a part of this service we offer:

  • Pulling the transformer over to its position and its setting
  • Securing assembly mechanisms for the transformer installation itself
  • Preparation and unpacking of the accessory
  • Complete installation of the accessory
  • Installation of all bushings
  • Installation of the cooling system
  • Installation of the monitoring system and cabling on the equipment
  • Vacuum degassing and flooding of the transformer with new insulation oil in vacuum
  • Oil filling treatment to the required parameters using the MICAFIL facility
  • Oil sampling from the oil filling of the transformer and delivery of samples to a testing laboratory
  • Electrical measurements of the transformer, inspection of operation of all accessory
  • Assistance with putting the transformer into operation