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TRAFOP-CZ s.r.o.
Neratovická 1043
Kostelec nad Labem

(+420) 602 141 834


Transformer diagnostics

Based on its long-term business experience, the company TRAFOP-CZ, Ltd. provides the following diagnostic measurements and examinations:

On-load transformer diagnostics:
  • Insulation resistance measurements
  • Loss factors and capacity measurements
  • C2/C50 levels measurements
  • Winding resistance measurements
  • Turns ratio measurements and evaluation of the character of winding connection
  • Magnetizing current measurements
  • Short-circuit impedance measurements
  • Switch-over times of the tap changer measurements on the machine and separately
  • Operating diagnostics of bushings
  • Voltage tests using alternating voltage
  • Special examinations according to the requirements of the operator (partial discharge measurements, polarisation spectrum analysis (RVM), thermal examinations, etc.)
Insulation oils analysis:
  • Insulation parameters measurements – breakdown voltage tests, water content
  • High-grade parameters of insulation oil – evaluation of the acid number, loss factor, relative permittivity, inner resistivity, relative interfacial voltage, antioxidant inhibitor content. In the case of aged insulation oils the sludge content and corroding sulphur content are analysed. All the listed examinations are intended for the evaluation of the degree of operational aging of the oil filling of the electrical equipment.
  • Other special analyses according to the requirements of the operator (determining of the number and size of particles, infrared spectroscopy, examination of thermo-oxidation stability, laboratory regeneration, content evaluation of PCB substances).

Solid insulation tests:
  • Water in solid insulation
  • Evaluation of average polymerization level of solid insulation
  • Evaluation of 2-furfuraldehyde and its related substances