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TRAFOP-CZ s.r.o.
Neratovická 1043
Kostelec nad Labem

(+420) 602 141 834


Revisions and repairs transformers

As a part of its main business activity – revisions, repairs and measurements of selected electrical equipment – the company TRAFOP-CZ, Ltd. offers the following assembly works:

Transporty transformátorů všech výkonů, jak železniční, tak automobilovou dopravou

  • Transports of transformers of all loads both by road and by train
  • Revisions and repairs of the accessory on the equipment (transformer) – re-sealing of bushings, the gas relay, the conserver with an oil gauge, thermometers, and of the wiring on the device
  • Replacement and modernization of the transformer accessory (AKM thermometers, flowmeters Qualitrol, pumps, radiator valves, bushings, conservers, and etc.)
  • Revisions and repairs of on-load tap changers, replacement of defunct or damaged parts or of the whole tap changer
  • Revisions and repairs of the motor drive of tap changers or its replacement
  • Resealing of the dividing plane of the transformer vessel or, if required by the operator, its welding
  • Resealing of handholes and armatures on the vessel
  • Resealing or replacement of all valves on the piping
  • Unwrapping of the magnetic circuit, repairing of the old winding, or ordering the manufacture of a new winding and its replacement
  • Inspection of axial play of the winding, upper and lower structures, wedging or tightening of the winding
  • Re-insulating of all taps
  • Revision and repairing of fan electromotors including the electric wiring
  • Reconstruction of the whole transformer cooling system
  • Revision of the air dryer tank including the silica-gel filling replacement, installation of double dryers
  • Removal of mechanical impurities and degreasing of the transformer surface using a WAP cleaner
  • Surface treatment of the transformer – anti-corrosion base painting and top painting with the paint RAL9006 silver aluminium
  • Securing of hermetic sealing of the transformer
  • Flooding the transformer vessel with the oil filling in vacuum
  • Electrical measurement of the transformer
  • Electrical measurement of auxiliary circuits and insulation states of the accessory
  • Functional inspection of all transformer components, their communication with the control room
  • Securing of measurement by contract – transformer diagnosis (electrical measurement + analysis of the transformer oil filling)