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TRAFOP-CZ s.r.o.
Neratovická 1043
Kostelec nad Labem

(+420) 602 141 834




In this year the company Stanislav Dunka – TRAFOP was established. Mr. Stanislav Dunka followed up on his long-term experience working at ČKD – Electrotechnics corp. and together with several former employees of the named company they decided to found their own business. Its main activities included installations, repairs and revisions of transformers. The company rented a hall in the power station Ledvice and by contract also a revision tower in EME (power station Melnik) and at the distribution station in Sokolnice on yearly basis. The company TRAFOP offered all services in the field of transformers of all voltages including transportation and treatment of insulation oils by using rented MICAFIL equipment.


The company TRAFOP Ltd. was established.

Beginning of the cooperation with a Canadian company Morgan Shaffer System.

Beginning of offering of the monitoring systems AMS-500, Calisto and a portable chromatograph TFGA-P200.


The activities of TRAFOP Ltd. were diminished.

On 5th January 2004 a new company TRAFOP-CZ, Ltd. was founded.

In May 2004 TRAFOP-CZ, Ltd. went through an accreditation process administered by the body nr. 3016 – ČLPR, Ltd. and the company was awarded a certificate according to the norm ČSN EN ISO 9001.

A gas chromatograph was purchased and the company started offering a new service – an in-field transformer oil filling diagnosis.


The company was awarded a second certificate according to the norm ČSN EN ISO 14001.


The company TRAFOP-CZ, Ltd. participated at the trade fair AMPER in Prague - Letnany.


Repeated participation of TRAFOP-CZ, Ltd. at the trade fair AMPER in Prague - Letnany.


The company move to a new site and the company logo was revitalised.


Beginning of the cooperation with a manufacturing transformer company RETRASIB. Joint participation of both companies at the trade fair AMPER in Brno.