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Welcome to the new website of Trafop-CZ, s.r.o.

Our company offers all services concerning revisions, repairs, instalations, and testing of power transformers HV, VHV,  EHV.


Due to a high quality of technical, technological and personal facilities we are able to provide our clients with custom made offers. 



"!!!Notice for the creditors of TRAFOP, s.r.o. and TRAFOP - CZ, s.r.o.!!!"

15/12/2015 11:18
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Milín 2015

09/10/2015 10:37
Works in Milín, September 2015.

Neznášov T402 + T15

09/10/2015 10:35
Works in Neznášov, September 2015.

New forum

07/08/2015 13:52
We created a new sub-section "Forum" in the section "Services" for you. We would like to invite everyone to use our forum for writing us any complaints, suggestions, ideas and/or opinions concerning our company, work and business cooperation. We will, indeed, respond to all your contributions....

Installation of four new transformers in Prosenice

07/08/2015 13:43
We're bringing you a short photo-report from an extensive project concerning a replacement of four old one-phase transformer units for new ones at the sub-station Prosenice. In detail, it is the installation of transformers with the voltage of 400/34 kV and the power of 167/60 MVA, produced in...

New transformer installation in Cebin

07/08/2015 13:38
A few months ago we shared with you our pictures from the dismantling of an old transformer at the sub-station Cebin. Today we would like to show you a short report from the installation of a new machine at the same SS. It was, again, a T403 400/121/10,5 kV, 250 MVA manufactured by Siemens....

ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification

30/04/2015 15:56
With great pleasure we would like to announce that our company TRAFOP-CZ, s.r.o. went through a successful re-certification audit for ISO 9001 and 14001 on 29th April 2015. This time we chose the company LL-C (Certification) to do the auditin and that was a major change compared to the previous...

Čebín T403

17/04/2015 11:21
This time we would like to share a short report form the SS RS Čebín, where we finished successfully the transport of a 230-ton transformer T403 400/121/10,5 KV, 250 MVA of the ZTR - SSSR production. It was necessary to drag the transformer out of its position, lift it, turn the wheels and tow the...

Announcement - new cooperation

15/03/2015 11:08
The comapny TRAFOP-CZ, s.r.o. ih happy to announce that it has started cooperation with Ms. Jirina Dunkova, MA who will fulfill the work of the Assistant of the executive and an Auxiliary mechanic - mechanist. We hope for a successful future cooperation. 

Lískovec T202

02/10/2014 11:03
One more short newsletter this time concerning the installation of a new trasformer Siemens T202 230/121 kV, 200 MVA in the SS Lískovec. Similarly as in the case of the installation in Prosenice, it was a three-phased transformer and in the photos you can also notice our work with heavy machinery...
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